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Capturing Opportunity

If you want to improve your chances of selling at satisfactory price levels, you must be willing to sell well ahead of harvest.

The more time you have to sell, the more opportunities you have to reach your target. It is never too early to sell. In fact, the best time to sell is anytime you can reach your target. Target Contracts are the most disciplined tool used to focus on selling at a particular price. It costs nothing to enter a target contract at Buchheit.

If you have farm storage and prefer to hold your grain until agter harvest or even into the next year, don't let this get in the way of making a target contract. You can sell for any delivery month you want and take advantage of the storage space you own. Almost always, you can sell for a higher price for delivery in the months after harvest. This extra will help you pay the added expense of holding the grain and provide some return for the storage you own.

Overtime, this will beat waiting until delivery to sell your grain. Just think of how many times you waited, only to see your profits erode as a result of lower prices and the cost of interest and storage.

Sometimes paying for storage looks good, especially after a year like this last one when prices went much higher. But over the long run, waiting won't compare with selling ahead using a Target Contract.

Avoid reacting to the noise of the market place. Changing your marketing plans every year not only is time consuming but can lead to the one year when you make a huge mistake.

Small improvements make all the difference. Focus your energies on the future and not the nearby. Don't let the noise of today blind you from tomorrow's opportunities! Stay away from nearsighted marketing. Call us today for more information on planning for future marketing oppportunities at 573-547-4569.

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