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The Cycle of Inaction



One of the most dangerous things you can do, in grain merchandising, is to do nothing at all. Inaction leads to indecision, which leads to the breakdown of discipline, which in turn leads to bad decisions.

We've all known someone (or maybe even been the person) who's chosen to "wait and see" instead of taking some kind of positive action, only to watch as opportunity slips away.

Taking action doesn't necessarily mean just selling grain. It means having a plan that puts you in a position to take advantage of opportunities and get grain sold when the time is right.

It's easy to say, "I'll sell when the price is right", but if you haven't taken any action ahead of time to decide what the right price is and get a plan together, it's sometimes hard to actually pull the trigger when the time comes.

That's why it's important to take some kind of action ahead of time, like putting in a target.

Having a plan encourages discipline, helps you stay focused on your goals, and helps eliminate the desire to get "just a little bit more" that can cause you to get off track and miss opportunities.

Doing nothing is dangerous, whether it's failing to put in targets before harvest or storing grain after harvest. Taking positive action will keep you out of that trap and get you closer to your goals.

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